The Village of South Holland is taking measures to ensure that residents in and around the village are updated and informed about the latest coronavirus information through the use of website and email.

“Early on, we created a page on our website dedicated especially for the coronavirus. If you go to our web page at from the very top, you will see the latest updates and news reports about the coronavirus,” said Julia Huisman, Communications, Branding, and Marketing Manager for the Village of South Holland.

Mrs. Huisman explained that email subscribers on the list will receive up-to-date COVID-19 news and information every week, which comes directly from Mayor De Graff. The mayor provides updates including the latest number of cases in the village, new testing sites, and any additional guidelines that villagers need to know related to COVID-19. These updates also provide both coronavirus and village news.

For South Holland residents who wish to start receiving the Mayor De Graff’s weekly email, they can sign up by texting in all caps SOUTHHOLLAND 22828 and it will prompt them right away to give their email.

The May 1st Face Mask Mandate required Illinois residents to wear a protective face mask when they are out in the public. Huisman shared that finding an ample supply of masks for residents and first responders have been daunting.  She stated that a limited supply of masks is now available to anyone who simply cannot find a mask.

“Residents who find it difficult to get masks, they can pick them up at the fire department in South Holland on Wausau Avenue, Mon.-Friday from 9 am-4 pm. We aren’t necessarily calling it a mask give away, because we found it rather difficult to find the masks for even issue our first responders. The masks are set aside for residents in desperate need.”

To help curb the chance of catching the virus, the social distance rule is in full effect for the village. For the Memorial Day celebration, the village will not have an outdoor celebration, instead, it will use the internet to live-stream Memorial Day activities. “We are filming a live stream video for Memorial Day, so our veterans will comply with the social distance rule. We are doing whatever we can with technology to stay connected to residents,” she said.

In a May 15th NBC 5 Chicago news report, Governor Pritzker stated that the state’s positivity rate is on the decrease and the number of people getting sick from the virus is dropping.

Huisman spoke about the importance of villagers sticking to the social distance rule. She said, “The village is adhering to the state’s social distance mandate until the case numbers and death rate starts to come down, then we can start getting out and about again. We want to continue to follow the guidelines until that happens.”

Testing sites for South Holland include Christian Community Health Center, located at 901 E. Sibley Blvd., and Markham, 3824 W. 159th Street, from 7:30 am-3:30 pm. According to Ms. Huisman, more than 305 residents were tested positive for the virus and the village reported 20 fatalities due to coronavirus infection.