The Village of Phoenix recently installed a computer lab in the village’s multipurpose center for 12 brand new Hewlett Packard All in One Computers. The donation made by the Metropolitan Mayors Office assists Phoenix residents who don’t have access to computers in filling out online Census forms. Other equipment includes printers, scanners, and computer equipment that monitors the village marquee.

“We are pleased that the Village of Phoenix now has an updated computer lab with new computers. The computers will be used to assist residents with online Census forms, as well as assist in the mentoring of residential youths and educate seniors,” said Antonio Cooper, Village Administrator.

For completing the computer lab project, the village wishes to thank Victoria Nicholson, Census Coordinator for South Suburban Mayors and Manager; Christine De Laurentiis, Executive Director South Suburban Mayors & Managers; Sarah Kevetis, Planning Director for South Suburban Mayors and Managers; Kyle Smith, Community Developer for Metropolitan Mayors.

A grand opening for the computer lab is scheduled in early August, which the village plans to host inside the multi-purpose center. Nine Block Design will issue t-shirts at the grand opening. After the grand opening, the computer lab will be managed by staff from 8 am – 3 pm, Fridays, and Saturdays, according to Mr. Cooper.

For more information about the Village of Phoenix Computer Lab Grand Opening, please contact the village at 708-331-3636.