“For nearly 60 years, I’ve lived in the Village of Phoenix. I love my community and I feel it is my civic duty to serve as Village Clerk,” said Lori Hagler, the recently appointed Village Clerk.

“As City Clerk, my duties are to manage the secretarial staff, water bill collection, property inspection, business licensure, and fishing permits,” she said.

She will attend board meetings held each second and fourth Tuesdays of every month, where she will keep the minutes of the meeting. ”

Hagler graduated from Thornridge High School in 1977 and later attended South Suburban College, where she majored in small business management. For 25 years, she worked at Blue Cross & Blue Shield in Chicago.  Mrs. Hagler accepted early retirement with Blue Cross in 2015. She worked at a small MRI facility before becoming the Village Clerk.

“I was praying for a job closer to home. So, I realized that when I accepted the position, the hours were very flexible. I said to myself, ‘this is a blessing.’ I want to thank the mayor for having enough confidence in me. I also want to thank Judy Taylor, Village Trustee, and Hardy Riley, Village Trustee, and Park District Commissioner, who both submitted my name. I thank them for having enough confidence in me.

Mrs. Hagler, the mother of five, used her volunteer efforts in the village to establish civic credentials. “I started doing volunteer work way back in the late 80s. Back then, I created a dance group for my daughter and nieces called the Phoenix Pom Pom girls. January Belmont, the mayor at the time noticed the work I was doing with the kids, and she invited me to become a member of her civic organization called the Futuristics.”

Hagler said she also volunteered on the Phoenix Fest Committee. In 1995, she ran for Commissioner for the Phoenix Park District, where she currently serves as president. “We recently rehabbed the field house. Our goal is to bring in Millenials, to assist us in adding more activities to our summer youth programs.”

Hagler is proud of the Phoenix Park District Basketball Camp, an ongoing summer program opened to Phoenix youth, and neighboring communities, ages 3-17. Commissioner Riley currently manages the program.

“We want the village to remain a safe place for all residents. It is a town I’ve known all of my life and it is a great place to raise a family,” Mrs. Hagler said.   Hagler’s parents and sister currently reside in the village. She also added:  “Phoenix has always been an awesome place to live and an awesome place to raise our families and we, as a community and as village leaders, we are going to keep it that way.”