In a 5-4 outcome, the Supreme Court  blocked the Trump administration’s attempt to remove the DACA program on June 18. The initiative protects undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children. The Deferred Action of Children Arrival now protects more than 650,000 “dreamers” in America.

As businesses and corporations announced efforts to commemorate Juneteenth as a state and national holiday, dreamers celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision. Many saw it as a significant step towards immigration reform.

According to a Washington Post report dreamers waited outside of the Supreme Court for the ruling, while others marched peacefully hoping for a positive outcome.  It is a clear victory iand, the dreamers are safe.

Alsono Munoz, a spokesperson for United We Dream is an immigrant who answered President Obama’s invitation in 2012. The Post added that Munoz’ arrived in the United State at the age of three months old.  He celebrated his birthday on June 19 and is the only family member according to the Post that is undocumented. Munoz said, “We have been preparing for this moment for so long.”

According to a Washington Post report, one reason Obama’s DACA executive order was implemented was to expand immigration reform, but since 2017, attempts have been made to squash the program under the current administration.

Under the DACA program, dreamers can get drivers’ licenses, work legally, and attend college.  DACA protects undocumented students from getting deported.